Sunday, January 06, 2008

Poor Hugo Chavez

Poor Hugo Chavez. He just can't win. He tried to use a hostage situation to embarass Columbia. Even Oliver Stone joined in the frey, hoping to embarass the Bush Administration. It turns out it was a setup - he was totally played by the jungle rebels.

But ya know what? When you go to bed with dogs, you generally wake up with fleas.

And that's exactly what happened. Chavez has to feel like he was played the fool - because he was.

The true winner in the whole ordeal was Oliver Stone - he walks away with a Movie deal.

Political hostage's son found in Bogota


Satri said...

Hi - out of curiosity, one day, I'd like to know why you don't like Chavez. (I guess there are plenty of good reasons, but I'd like to know more about ~your~ reasons!) - Thanks.

lottadot said...

Well, to be honest, I don't know all that much about him. I've never met him. I do know that he threw a coup against his government, lost, was imprisoned, was later pardoned, and then elected president. Then it seems he started doing screwy things, among which my biggest complaint (since I don't live in his country) is what he did to destabilize the price of oil. It always seemed he did this inorder to be a thorn in Bush's side. Which is then a thorn in my side because its costing me more to fuel everything I need to fuel.

What I was trying to convey with the blog post was that he tried to embarass someone, and it slapped him in the face.

I'd post a similar article whether it was Chavez, Bush, Bill Richardson, etc.

Satri said...

Interesting. In the media here in French Canada (the way such news is reported in English Canada is often different), nothing is said about embarrassment at all. He's just helping resolve a situation that has been latent for years, so he is seen, as far as this event is concerned, as doing a good and honest attempt.

Regarding this event, Venezuela, Columbia and France are often mentioned, but not the U.S. (or Canada ;-) or Bush. That's why I was surprised with your post.

I think at the source of the problem is the news media in the U.S. *and* elsewhere. The general public is not fed with quality news. But this is something you already know I believe...

Anyway, Chavez accepted the democratic verdict of him not getting another mandate. I'm very curious how the after-Chavez will be like in terms of political trends.