Saturday, September 27, 2008

2nd week of 5x5 Report

This is my report after doing 2 weeks of the Stronglifts 5x5
Beginner Strength Training Program. I intend to post regular updates that detail how it's going.

Oh Gawd I'm sore

My whole body is sore; legs, ass, back. The only solace I have is it's a "good sore". It wears off late in the the 2nd day (ie the day after you lifted).


Some things I've learned:

  • Make sure you have everything in your gym back the nite before. (I lift first thing each morning)

  • Don't leave home w/o your notebook to know which routine you should do, and the weights you should be using (I did)

  • My gym needs another squat rack

  • People that use the smith machine for squats, I have to try not to look at them like they are chumps

  • My gym needs more 2.5lb weights

  • That prone position for 90 seconds makes my whole body shake! It literally pulls all the last remaining energy I've got straight out of my body


How'd I do with my basic goals?

  • I did not miss a workout! Check!

  • I did not falter and mis a rep! Check!

  • While both of those made me feel good, I have to realize I'm using extremely light weights; the level of impressiveness is directly relational to the amount of weight you are using :)

    I made 1 consequential mistake this week. I forgot my "gym card" so I didn't know what weights I should be lifting. Rather then drive all the way back home @5:15am, I guessed; luckily I guessed high, and was able to do the weight. This made my squat and bench jump more then it normally would have from my week 1 results.

    Overall, I'm having difficulty not adding more weight. I am feeling very confident I could do significantly more weight on the deadlift. I have to work hard to resist the temptation not to throw another set of 45's on there. I keep telling myself "use light weight to learn proper form, and build slowly. The thing is, I'm not conditioned for slow. I want my code compiled quickly. I want to drive vehicles quickly. I want to see my fat be 10% and my squat near 300lbs and I want it now! ;)

    I am also having difficulty deciding on the weights to warm up with on the squat. Friday, I did: bar-barx5,bar+20,+20,bar+45 x 5,bar+45+20 x 5,bar+45+40 x 5. I think those were too much. I was more worn out by the time I completed the 5x5 squats then I've ever been. I don't know if it was because I did too many warmups that sapped my energy; or maybe it's because of the additional weight, or maybe it was because it was Friday morning and I was just plain tired from the week of work. I don't know.

    My progress

    Pre-Start specifics

    My Weight and Fat Percentages
    WeekWeightGutBody-fat [1]
    [1] using's measurement method

    5x5 Week #2 Results

    Here is how I managed to do, weight-wise:

    How much I've lifted
    Deadlift145Inverted Row3xFDeadlift155


    My muscles are harder, sorer. My legs are stronger - I've noticed I'll do stairs 2 at a time like when I was much younger, without thinking about it. Though my fat percentage says it's lower, I'm not feeling it. I'm not seeing it either, my body looks as fat as it's looked for many years now.