Wednesday, June 25, 2008

iPod Touch application bundle won't reinstall

I bought my IPod Touch 16GB new in Fall 2007. Loved it. When the January Application Bundle became available, I paid up and got the new apps. Loved 'em. Been using it ever since.

This week I needed to wipe all my information off the iPod. So I hit and started reading. I found HT1376 Installing, verifying, or reinstalling the iPod touch January Software Upgrade. Perfect, I can wipe it via a factory-reset and it'll reinstall the new apps. Just what I needed.

Ah but no. The new application bundle doesn't reinstall. I filed a support by clicking 'support' within iTunes itself. No answer.

So I went to the Apple discussions boards and found this thread: Restored iPod, can't get january software update.

Apparently I may not be the only one with this problem.

Since I've yet to receive a response from Apple wrt the support request filed in iTunes, I went ahead and sent email to explaining all this today.

We'll see if Apple's support responds and what they say. I've asked them to either send me the app-bundle, or make my iTunes account show it in the queue or tell me what to do to make the application bundle be reinstalled. That's all I want - the app's that I paid for!!