Friday, November 02, 2007

OSX Leopard and Wireless network Compromised

I upgraded to Leopard Friday nite when it came out. Since then when I'm at work using our wifi network (encrypted with WPA2) I've this pop up:

Incase you have images turned off, it reads: "the wireless network appears to have been compromised and will be disabled for about a minute."

Since I have admin access to the wifi router, I know it's not been compromised. But the message is somewhat disturbing anyway.


Derek said...

For anyone searching how to fix this issue, I've done a lot of research on the topic and it looks like (knock on wood) we've found an answer. The problem looks to be caused by WPA encryption on a wireless router. Changing to WPA2 encryption appears to fix this issue, and the MacBooks (and MacBook Pro) no longer complain randomly.

GMARA Tim said...

Randomly ran across your post during a search for the problem online. It looks like the solution isn't so much WPA2 as it is choosing the AES encryption method instead of TKIP. Some routers allow you to choose - TKIP seems to cause problems during periods of heavy use. (I was having the problem on my Macbook Pro while connecting to a Linksys WRT54Gv8 with DD-WRT installed. It would show up most often while using Skype. Switching from TKIP to AES solved the problem immediately.)

Good luck!